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Equality and Diversity Statements

CIArb is committed to being an inclusive global thought leader on dispute resolution. Our vision is of a dispute resolution profession that reflects the diversity of the global societies it serves, and in which individuals can flourish regardless of their identity, background or circumstances.

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Policy consultations

We regularly respond to high-profile policy consultations affecting the ADR sector and we welcome the input of our members to further inform responses.

If you would like to provide your feedback on a specific area, or for more information about our submission process, please contact Lewis Johnston, Head of Policy, Public Affairs and Research at ljohnston@ciarb.org or on +44 (0)20 7421 7483.

CIArb Remote Proceedings Guidance Note

In response to the mass restrictions necessitated by Covid-19, CIArb have produced pragmatic guidance for both parties and neutrals on how to conduct remote proceedings effectively.

Kateryna Honcharenko MCIArb, CIArb’s Research Executive, explains CIArb’s Guidance Note on Remote Dispute Resolution Proceedings in response to COVID-19. Watch the video here.

CIArb London Centenary Principles

The CIArb London Centenary Principles for an effective and efficient seat in international arbitration were drafted in 2015 to mark CIArb’s 100th anniversary.  

ISDS Discussion Papers

CIArb’s ISDS Discussion Papers (August 2019) were prepared to set out the parameters of the ISDS reform debate and are intended to provoke conversation on how reform should proceed. Mercy McBrayer, Research and Academic Affairs Manager is welcoming feedback and comments, which can be directed to mmcbrayer@ciarb.org. The earlier version (February 2019) is available here.

Conflict Avoidance Boards (CABs)

CIArb’s Conflict Avoidance Boards (CABs) briefing discusses the history of the mechanism and how they can be used in a wide range of areas, from infrastructure projects to service contracts. To discuss this issue further, please contact policy@ciarb.org