02 October 2019

New Brazilian Decree Enabling Arbitration in the Port, Road, Rail, Waterway and Airport Sectors

One of the paradoxes of modern time is the arbitrability of state contracts.  Brazil has taken one step forward to accept arbitration in public contracts in specific sectors.

19 September 2019

Some reflections over mediation in times of crisis

By the time this is published there will be just over one week before the 2019 CIArb Annual Mediation Symposium takes place in central London.

05 September 2019

Singapore Mediation Convention: Is the Rule of Law Intact?

The Singapore Convention on Mediation (United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements resulting from Mediation) was signed in Singapore on 7th August 2019 (Convention).

05 September 2019

French Guyana - Brazil v France in a Public International Law Arbitration

The last article in this space – about the Brazilian tradition to resort to arbitration to solve its Public International Law disputes –  attracted great interest from readers.