International Arbitration

Introduction to the International Arbitration Practice Guidelines

Guideline 1_Interviews for Prospective Arbitrators

Guideline 2_Terms of Appointment including Remuneration

Guideline 3_Jurisdictional Challenges

Guideline 4_Applications for Interim Measures

Guideline 5_Security for Costs

Guideline 6_Managing Arbitrations and Procedural Orders

Guideline 7_Party Appointed and Tribunal Appointed Expert Witnesses

Guideline 8_Documents Only Arbitration Proceedings

Guideline 9_Party Non-Participation

Guideline 10_Drafting Arbitral Awards Part I

Guideline 11_Drafting Arbitral Awards Part II

Guideline 12_Drafting Arbitral Awards Part III

Guideline 13_Witness Conferencing

Guideline 14_The Use of Mediation in Arbitration

Guideline 15_Framework Guideline on the Use of Technology in International Arbitration

Guideline 16_Guidance Note on Remote Dispute Resolution Proceedings

Guideline 17_Multi-Party Arbitrations