Accelerated Routes

Accelerated Routes

CIArb’s Diploma Programmes

The Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration and Diploma in International Maritime Arbitration are open to:

  • Practising lawyers and other professionals who are familiar with legal reasoning and concepts and are involved in arbitration (domestic or international) and who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of international commercial arbitration.
  • Members or Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators who have experience of domestic arbitration practice and wish to extend their knowledge to include international arbitration procedures.

These intensive courses look at subjects including the Law, Practice and Procedure of International Arbitration, as well as Evidence, Decision Making and Award Writing. They are taught by prominent international experts in the field and attract candidates from across the globe. Successful completion of these specialist courses allow individuals to apply for varying grades of CIArb membership.*

Accelerated routes to Membership (MCIArb) and Fellowship (FCIArb)

  • This 3-day Accelerated Route to Membership (ARM) in Construction Adjudication, International Arbitration or Domestic Arbitration allows those with some knowledge of these forms of alternative dispute resolution* to be assessed and, upon passing, have the opportunity to become a Member of CIArb (MCIArb).
  • This 5-day Accelerated Route to Fellowship (ARF) in Construction Adjudication, International Arbitration or Domestic Arbitration are for those with a minimum of 5 years of practical experience in the relevant field of ADR either as a representative or a practitioner*. On successfully completing the assessments provided, candidates can apply for peer interviews to become CIArb Fellow (FCIArb).

*If you would like to book any of our accelerated routes, or to find out more about specific entry criteria, please contact  Andrea Khan, Membership Courses Manager at or +44 (0)20 7421 7439.

Please note you should not make any payment until you have received notification of your approval for any accelerated route from Andrea Khan, Membership Courses Manager