Module 1 Mediation Training & Assessment (October)

The course is aimed at candidates who wish to become a Ciarb Member and Accredited Mediator. It is also of benefit to those who wish to use Mediation skills in their current profession.

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Course and Assessment Details

What is the aim of the course?

The course is aimed at candidates who wish to become a Ciarb Member and Accredited Mediator. It is also of benefit to those who wish to use Mediation skills in their current profession.


The course takes place virtually over 7 weeks and comprises of skills-based learning which includes role plays, group exercises and mock mediations, with the assessment taking place in week 8. This is delivered by experienced practicing Mediators, who are also qualified trainers. Mediation has been shown to be an effective method of solving complex commercial disputes. The process engages skills that can have a positive impact on personal relationships.


It is, therefore, suitable for

  • Individuals seeking to improve their communication skills
  • Arbitrators/Adjudicators looking to broaden their ADR practice
  • Conflict resolution professionals
  • Aspiring Mediators

What are the learning outcomes?

On successful completion of this course, candidates will be able to:


  • define Mediation and explain its place in the context of other forms of dispute resolution,
  • explain the process, procedure, its advantages and disadvantages,
  • demonstrate competence in the Mediator’s core skills,
  • demonstrate that they can manage a

What is covered in the Syllabus?

Through the use of case studies, you will learn and gain practical experience of the skills and techniques required to manage a Mediation from initial instruction to conclusion including:


  • The core skills
  • Preparing stage – setting it up
  • Opening stage – parties telling their stories
  • Exploring stage – establishing parties needs and drivers
  • Negotiating stage
  • Concluding stage
  • Setting up a Mediation practice

How is the course delivered?

The course comprises of 2 half days of skills-based learning a week for 7 weeks delivered virtually by experienced, practicing mediators.

The assessment takes place virtually in week 8.

Will the Virtual Tutorials be recorded?

Due to data protection laws, we do not guarantee that virtual tutorials will be recorded. CIARB is committed to supporting candidates to be successful in their courses and to achieve successful outcomes in their assessments. We therefore strongly recommend candidates attend all scheduled virtual tutorials.


Our virtual tutorials are designed to be interactive teaching and learning experiences taught by Senior Tutors who will assess your individual needs. Candidates therefore will be at a disadvantage if they do not attend all virtual tutorials.

How will I be assessed?

Candidates will participate as a Mediator in two mock-mediations of one-hour duration and may be involved in role-playing as clients.


Candidates will be assessed in three categories: people skills, process skills and the management of the mediation.


People Skills: This category concerns the relationship between the Mediator and the participants in the Mediation. Building a trusting relationship is essential for an effective Mediator. Being competent in this category is mandatory in both role plays.


Process Skills: This category concerns the Mediator’s ability to use the skills and techniques emphasised on the training course. Competent Mediators use a variety of appropriate skills to establish parties’ needs and help them towards settlement.


Management Skills: This category concerns the firm and tactical use of the process and skills. Competent Mediators create an environment to give the parties the best opportunity of achieving a settlement.


This assessment is on a pass or fail basis. Candidates must achieve ‘competent’ in people skills in both Mediations and in process skills and management skills at least once in either of their Mediations. Candidates who fail the assessment will only be required to re-sit the assessment.


Please note: Success in the assessment is directly linked to tutorial attendance. Please ensure you attend all of the tutorials, and engage with the tutor. The tutorials are your opportunity to ask the tutor any questions you may have and gain further understanding on any course topics you feel you need further clarity on.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements. The course is intended for candidates who:


  • are new to the field of Mediation;
  • wish to learn more about Mediation and its benefits to users;
  • are aspiring to be a Mediator or a conflict resolution professional;
  • are Arbitrators looking to broaden their ADR service offering;
  • wish to become a Member of the Ciarb;
  • wish to become a Ciarb Accredited


All candidates enrolling on any Ciarb course should ensure that their command of spoken and written English is adequate for the course for which they have applied. Ciarb specifies the need for its candidates to have adequate English in order to ensure that their academic progress is not hindered by language difficulties. Ciarb issues this advice as a guideline and, while it will not require any evidence of this standard prior to enrolment on a course, candidates who do not have this standard of English may be disadvantaged. it is recommended that they have achieved a standard that is, as a minimum, equivalent to the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) level 7 or a score of 94-101 in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) system but we do not require an official IELTS or TOEFL result.


Please contact the British Council for further details on how to improve your English skills:

What is the course fee and what does it include?

The course fee is £3960 inclusive of VAT. The fee includes registration on the course and study materials throughout the days. Candidates are advised to refer to the Training diary which details other fees that may be relevant.

What happens when I register for the course?

Upon successful registration on the course, candidates will receive confirmation they are booked on the course. Joining instructions and course materials will be sent to candidates approximately 2 weeks before the course start date by email. Candidates will be provided with an electronic copy of the Handbook to assist them with their studies.

What is Ciarb’s policy on cancellation of courses?

Ciarb reserves the right to cancel or change the date, venue or content of programmes and the names of speakers, lecturers and tutors. Candidates will be provided with adequate notice of any change. If Ciarb has to cancel a course, candidates will be provided with a full refund or the opportunity to transfer their registration to the next course. Should a candidate wish to cancel/defer their registration of a course, notification must be received in writing to Deferral charges apply. Please refer to the Fee Terms and Conditions for full details.

What is my next step when I complete the course?

On successful completion of this course, candidates:


  • may be eligible to claim CPD points if the course has contributed to members’ development, and evidence of participation is provided, it may count as part of the CPD requirement for Ciarb, Solicitors Regulation Authority, Bar Standards Board, ACCA, CILEX, ICE and RIBA;
  • will be eligible to apply for Member grade of Ciarb, and take advantage of a range of educational and professional benefits;
  • will become a Ciarb Accredited Mediator once they have been admitted to Ciarb Member grade;
  • may progress onto Module 2 Law of
  • Candidates are only eligible to apply for the relevant membership grade for a maximum of 2 years after having successfully completed the course &

(You can also download the full course information sheet here)