CIArb in APAC: Recognition, Connection and Credibility

CIArb in APAC: Recognition, Connection and Credibility

The value of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) lies in our leading status as a global professional body for all forms of dispute resolution. Our qualifications are recognised as a gold standard for professionalism and aptitude in dispute resolution, and CIArb members are in high demand due to the confidence that CIArb accreditation, as identified by post-nominals, provides. Furthermore, leading arbitration and mediation institutions across the world recognise CIArb status as conferring a high degree of confidence when assessing candidates to join their panels. Indeed, CIArb membership is viewed as essential to join certain panels.

Over the coming months we are shining a light on the links CIArb has forged with partners in different regions around the world. We encourage you to explore the opportunities that CIArb and its connections bring to our members. This Spring, we start with the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

CIArb has an incredibly strong presence in APAC. Through our network of Branches in the region - East Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Australia - we have over 4,500 members in APAC, constituting more than 25% of our total global membership, and 4,500 student members. This is in a region which is growing in importance for dispute resolution worldwide, as demonstrated by developments such as the Singapore Mediation Convention and the rankings given to jurisdictions such as Hong Kong and Singapore in surveys such as the QMUL/White & Case International Arbitration Survey.

CIArb is proud of the relationships we have with a range of institutions and organisations across APAC. From arbitral institutions such as the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC), to mediation bodies and academic institutions, we have an extensive network of valuable links throughout the region, several of which we will be showcasing in the coming weeks. These relationships are incredibly valuable, both in terms of allowing CIArb to fulfil its charitable objectives to promote and facilitate dispute resolution worldwide, but also in opening up career opportunities for CIArb members by amplifying their professional status and enabling their expertise to be applied to a wider range of disputes. These regional advantages are underpinned by the global community which CIArb provides access to, and which grants our members unparalleled direct access to the most cutting-edge developments and insights for the profession.

Look out for more insights and information about CIArb’s global connections over the coming weeks.