Ciarb marks first anniversary as Arbitration Referral Service for the Pubs Code Adjudicator

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Ciarb is delighted to announce the first anniversary of its contract as the sole provider of Arbitration Referral Services to the Pubs Code Adjudicator (PCA) and welcomes four new Pubs Code Confident Arbitrators to Ciarb’s PCA panel.

Since becoming the sole provider in December 2021, Ciarb has handled the PCA’s management and administration of its arbitration service, thereby supporting the PCA with its regulatory agenda.

Additionally, working closely with Robert Sliwinski BSc LLB (Hons), DipIntArb, FCIArb FRSA, Chartered Arbitrator and Nigel Davies BSc(Hons), FRICS, FCIOB, FCInstCES, FCIArb, C.Arb, Ciarb has developed and delivered specialist Pubs Code training for arbitrators.

Ciarb is pleased to confirm the addition of the following arbitrators to the Pubs Code panel, following their successful completion of the Pubs Code training.

  • Susan Lindsay C.Arb, FCIArb
  • Siamak Soudagar DipSurv, PGDipArb, FRICS, FCIArb, C.Arb, MCIOB
  • Matthew Martin PGD Arb, Dip Urb Val FCIArb
  • Robert Pratt - BSc FRICS, FCIArb.

These arbitrators join the following Pubs-Code-trained members on Ciarb’s Pubs Code panel:

  • Johnathan Bellamy FCIArb, C.Arb
  • Charles Brown LLB, Chartered Arbitrator, FCIArb, C.Arb
  • Peter Collie LL.B (Hons), LL.M, C.Arb, FCIArb.
  • Michael Cover FCIArb, Chartered Arbitrator
  • Andrew Noble – LLB [Hons], FRICS, FCIArb, Barrister at Law, Chartered Surveyor & Chartered Arbitrator
  • Nigel Puddicombe – FCIArb, C.Arb
  • Paul Rose - LLM DipArb, FRICS, FCIArb, C.Arb
  • Robert Sliwinski BSc LLB(Hons), DipIntArb, FCIArb, FRSA, Chartered Arbitrator
  • Nigel Davies BSc(Hons), FRICS, FCIOB, FCInstCES, FCIArb, C.Arb.

Catherine Dixon, Director General, Ciarb, says:

I congratulate PCA Panel Arbitrators for completing and passing Ciarb’s Pubs Code Training and welcome Fellows Susan, Siamak, Matthew and Robert to the panel. I’d also like to thank Robert Sliwinski and Nigel Davies for supporting Ciarb in developing and delivering this training. We are pleased to have been able to provide the PCA with a high-quality referral service, and reporting over the past year and look forward to continuing to work with the PCA and our panel of Pubs Code Arbitrators.

Fiona Dickie, PCA says:

It is great to see the progress Ciarb has made in the first year of the contract. In this time, we have seen a significant reduction in open cases, closer monitoring of the arbitrator standards and an improved published quarterly report.means we now have a dedicated panel of arbitrators with proven knowledge of the pubs code and what the PCA expects. I am grateful to Robert and Nigel for delivering the training and all those who went through the process. My team and I look forward to continuing our work with the Pubs Code Arbitrators and Ciarb over the coming year.

In the PCA’s three-year strategy published in August last year, I restated my commitment to providing a quality arbitration service for pub companies and tied tenants. A key part of this was delivering Pubs Code training and assessment for arbitrators, building on the arbitrator standards that the PCA already had in place. The success of the training.

The Pubs Code came into effect in 2016 and regulates the relationship between all pub companies owning 500 or more tied pubs in England and Wales and their tied tenants. The PCA is responsible for enforcing the Code and providing an arbitration service for disputes between pub companies and tied tenants about Code compliance. The PCA can either arbitrate the dispute or appoint another arbitrator to do so. Alternative arbitrators have been appointed in most cases since 2019.

Referrals for arbitration made under the Pubs Code should be sent to the Ciarb Dispute Appointment Service (DAS) team using the email