Ciarb Responds to UK’s Second Consultation on the Arbitration Act 1996

Ciarb has issued its response to the UK Law Commission’s second consultation on reforms to the Arbitration Act 1996 (the Act). The second consultation revisits two topics covered in the first consultation: jurisdiction and discrimination. 

Ciarb’s submission reiterates the position taken in the first consultation in November 2022. To inform its response Ciarb drew on its earlier engagement with members on the first consultation and invited members to put forward their views. 

Catherine Dixon, Ciarb’s Director General, says, “The Arbitration Act 1996 has been, and continues to be, successful in supporting and enabling the use of arbitration. Ciarb recognises the importance of regularly reviewing the Act to ensure its continued effectiveness in a changing world. Ciarb supports reforms that will strengthen, clarify and widen the practice of arbitration. Ciarb has worked closely with the UK Law Commission to inform this important review.” 

The Act provides the legal framework for arbitration in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and has been used to inform legislation in many jurisdictions around the world. Ciarb has worked closely with the UK Law Commission on the review of the Act, making significant contributions since it launched in 2022. The UK Law Commission’s first consultation on the Act closed on 15 December 2022; its second consultation closed on 22 May 2023. 

Read Ciarb’s response. Full information on this second consultation can be found on the Law Commission’s website. Read Ciarb’s response to the first consultation.