ADR APPG session on Law Commission consultation on Arbitration Act 1996

A hand reaches for a folder entitled 'MOU'

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) and the British Virgin Islands International Arbitration Centre (BVI IAC) sign Memorandum of Understanding to promote international ADR.

The two organisations signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 5 November 2021, at the 4th Annual British Virgin Islands International Arbitration Centre (BVI IAC) International Arbitration Week.

The aim? To create a positive environment for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) by, among other things, delivering CIArb education and training, working together more closely, and promoting ADR within the region.

Francois Lassalle, Chief Executive Officer of the BVI IAC, remarked:

The BVI IAC and CIArb share a commitment to high standards of ethics, professionalism and competence. Many on the BVI IAC Panel are already members of CIArb. The BVI IAC will continue to look favorably on the CIArb post-nominal qualification in recruiting new Panelists and we look forward to the BVI IAC’s continued collaboration with CIArb within the region

Catherine Dixon, CIArb Director General, said:

As a territorial signatory to the New York Convention, its enactment of a modern UNCITRAL-based international arbitration law and a pro-arbitration business climate, the BVI and its BVI IAC play an important role in supporting the delivery of arbitration within the Caribbean. CIArb, as a professional body and global membership organisation, is delighted to enter into this partnership to support the effective and ongoing development of arbitration in the Caribbean.

Ann Ryan Robertson, C.Arb FCIArb, the 2021 CIArb President, signed the MoU on behalf of CIArb, stating:

It gives me great pleasure to see that the efforts commenced by CIArb and the BVI a number of years ago to continue through to the execution of this formal MoU. CIArb looks forward to many years of continued collaboration with the BVI IAC.