County Court Mediation Scheme

Mediation is a speedy, confidential, and a less adversarial process and can be used to solve a variety of disputes. The process is non-binding and allows for settlements suited to situations where parties want to preserve the relationship.

Under this Scheme, Ciarb will appoint an independent mediator who will assist the parties in reaching a voluntary settlement. The appointed mediator will determine how the mediation is conducted.

The fees payable by the parties are associated with the value of the claim and are set out in the table below:


Claim Value

Length of Session

Fee per Party

Total Fee received from Parties

Claim up to

£10, 000

3 hrs (Online ONLY)

£200 +VAT

£400 +VAT

Claim between

£10, 001 - £100 000

3 hrs (Online ONLY)

£500 +VAT

£1000 +VAT

Claim between

£10, 001 - £100 000

3 hrs (In-person)

£750 +VAT

£1,500 +VAT


*Each additional hour is charged at £125 +VAT per party (including part hour)

For in-person mediation, the fee excludes venue hire costs. This is to be arranged directly with the Mediator.

To request an appointment of a mediator under the County Court Mediation Scheme, please complete the application form and return it via email to

For further enquiries, please contact:

Ciarb Dispute Appointment Service

T: 0207 421 7455