Adjudication in Scotland

The CIArb Scottish Branch is an Adjudicator Nominating Body for the purpose of the Scheme for Construction Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 1998 as amended by The Scheme for Construction Contracts (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2011.

Adjudication is a "fast track" binding interim method of dispute resolution introduced by section 108 of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996 for all construction contracts (as defined by the Act) entered into on or after 1 May 1998. The Act was amended by the Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act (2009) having effect on all construction contracts entered into in Scotland on or after 1 November 2011. Adjudication is a widely utilised and effective means of dispute resolution in the construction industry. Many of our members are regular participants in the process and the Chairman's Panel of Adjudicators is a collective of highly qualified and experienced professionals with particular expertise in conducting the process.

Chairman's Panel of Adjudicators

Len Bunton C.Arb FCIArb
Lisa Cattanach FCIArb
Norman Fiddes FCIArb
Sean Sullivan Gibbs FCIArb
Kevin Hayes FCIArb
John Hunter FCIArb
Dr Robert N. Hunter FCIArb
Brian Johnstone FCIArb
Donny Mackinnon C.Arb FCIArb
Brandon Malone FCIArb
Janey Milligan FCIArb
Torquil Murray FCIArb
John Nicolson C.Arb FCIArb
Angus Pearson FCIArb
Trevor Pettigrew-Smith FCIArb
Ian Strathdee

Those who seek appointment to the Panel require to meet the Criteria for selection top the Panel of Adjudicators and to complete the Application Form for selection.

Those already on the Branch Panels should note the limit of tenure provisions and the transitional provisions. The attached criteria became effective on 29 May 2014, so that those on the Adjudicator Panel will require to reapply to the Panel by 9 May 2019.

The longer transition period for those on the Adjudicator Panel allows those on the Adjudicator Panel who are not currently Fellows, to obtain Fellowship meantime.

Adjudicator Selection

If you require the selection of an adjudicator we can assist. Please complete the application form and send it by post and email, along with your cheque for GBP 250.00 + VAT made payable to The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Scottish Branch) or CIArb (Scottish Branch).

Please note that an application cannot be processed until we are in receipt of the application fee and the fee is not refundable if you subsequently withdraw your application.

The form and payment should be sent to the following post address:

Chiara Pieri
Honorary Secretary and Treasurer
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Scottish Branch)
1 Exchange Crescent

The form should also be sent by email to

T: +44 (0)131 473 5182
F: +44 (0)131 228 1222