Mediation in Scotland

Mediation has many advantages. Normally the process takes just days to complete, therefore the time and cost advantage of the process is apparent. Mediation is increasing in popularity and many of the Scottish Branch members are regular participants.

There is no doubt that cost and time considerations are definitive drivers in parties' minds when deciding upon dispute resolution methods. If during mediation not all matters are resolved, many can be disposed of thus reducing the extent and perhaps complexity of the remaining dispute.

Coupled with the cost and time benefits, the flexibility and relative informality of the process results in mediation having much to offer. The Chairman's experienced Panel of Mediators is drawn from commercial, workplace and legal perspectives.

Chairman's Panel of Mediators

Daphne Wasserman (Engineering, Commercial, other Technical)
Gillian Alexander (Contract administration, Geo-technical and Environmental Engineering) 
Robin Burley
Tom Atkinson 
Kim Schmulian